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Engaging and empowering school libraries is a podcast that aims to raise the profile of school libraries by talking about topics that are current across education and teaching. We talk about issues that impact school libraries and invite guests to come along and speak on selected topics keeping our chats lively, engaging and current. We hope you enjoy listening. Find more CPD for school librarians and teachers here https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/

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Saturday Sep 09, 2023

Today Darryl Toerien and I continue our monthly chat, FOSIL, Education and School Libraries.
This month we are chatting about the IASL conference, the need to have leadership for school librarians and why inquiry skills should support students learning how to learn, as well as learning knowledge. 
IFLA presentation - Digital Literacy necessary but not sufficient https://fosil.org.uk/forums/topic/ifla-2023-wlic-digital-literacy-necessary-but-not-sufficient/
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Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

The Updated DfE Reading Framework has been talked about a lot over the summer, Elizabeth and Cathi even wrote a blog about it so this week we are turning things around a bit, Ruth Maloney interviewed Elizabeth Hutchinson, trainer and advisor for school libraries and Cathi Woods, School librarian. We were also delighted to welcome back to our podcast English and History teacher, literacy coordinator and school library advocate, Alice Visser-Furay. 
When we started reading the framework it wasn’t immediately obvious that this was a document for school librarians this meant it was an important discussion for the new school year. We hope you enjoy it. 
Reading Framework Link https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1178136/The_Reading_Framework_2023.pdf
Estyn's Welsh report on reading - https://www.gov.wales/developing-pupils-english-reading-skills-10-14-years-age-html  
Elizabeth and Cathi's blog -  https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/post/unpacking-the-dfe-reading-framework-for-school-librarians More information about Engaging and
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Upcoming webinars
AI: The future of school libraries - https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/service-page/ai-future-for-school-libraries?referral=service_list_widget 
Unpacking the DfE Framework https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/service-page/unpacking-the-dfe-reading-framework?referral=service_list_widget 

Tuesday Aug 01, 2023

Darryl Toerien and I continue our monthly chat, FOSIL, Education and School Libraries. This month we are chatting about what you can find on the FOSIL Group website and developments coming up over the summer.
The topics we cover are:-
- FOSIL Group website and why you set it up.
- What can you find on the website?
- Where would you suggest they start?
- Why is the discussion forum so important?
- If someone wanted to join in a forum discussion what do they need to be aware of? ( importance of subscribing to the conversation to see replies).
- Future developments
Books mentioned:-
Principles and Practice: Learning and Libraries in an Information Age (Edited by Barbara Stripling in 1999!)
Carol Kuhlthau’s chapter is called Literacy and Learning for the Information Age. "Inquiry requires information literacy skills. When library media specialists and teachers collaborate to create an inquiry approach to learning, students develop dual competencies in subject content and information literacy" (p. 11)
Empire State Information Fluency Continuum https://slsa-nys.libguides.com/ifc/gradeassessments
FOSIL explained - Youtube https://youtu.be/VDLScPK3YGY
The FOSIL Group Website overview - https://youtu.be/bvT0m23NFfw
Courses available to explain the FOSIL cycle in more detail - https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/payperview?Category=The+FOSIL+Cycle
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Saturday Jun 10, 2023

Today we revisited our discussion around ChatGPT and AI. As this new technology unfolds it is important for us to continue talking about our new learning and the impact these new tools will have on education, especially for school libraries. We were joined today by my co-host school librarian Sabrina Cox and our guests were Darryl Toerien, Head of Inquiry Learning and Jenny Toerien, School Librarian and EPQ Co-ordinator both at Blanchelande College in Guernsey and Dr Kay Oddone Course Director and Lecturer, Master of Education: Teacher Librarianship, Charles Sturt University, Australia. 
IFLA School Library Guidelines https://www.ifla.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/assets/school-libraries-resource-centers/publications/ifla-school-library-guidelines.pdf 
The Golden Threads of Your School Library https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-5ir4s-1416762 
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Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

In this episode, we talk about the role that senior leaders play in not only creating a good school library but helping ensure that it is used across the curriculum too. As always I am joined by my co-host Sabrina Cox and we are delighted to welcome back Peter Middleton, headmaster of Oswestry School alongside his school librarian Claire Livsey. They were joined by School librarian Ruth Maloney who some of you may recognise as my other co-host but is wearing a different hat this evening alongside her deputy head Joe Jardine-Viner. 
Great School Libraries campaign https://www.greatschoollibraries.org.uk/
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As always if you would like to comment on anything you have heard this evening we would love to hear your thoughts.  

Saturday Jun 03, 2023

Once a month I'm going to talk about FOSIL, Education and School Libraries with Darryl Toerien originator of FOSIL. We hope to help you engage with the content on the FOSIL Group Website, introduce you to people who are using FOSIL in schools and most of all just have a conversation about the role of school librarians within education. 
The FOSIL Group Website - https://fosil.org.uk/ 
FOSIL explained - https://youtu.be/VDLScPK3YGY 
IFLA School Library Guidelines - https://www.ifla.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/assets/school-libraries-resource-centers/publications/ifla-school-library-guidelines.pdf 
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Monday May 29, 2023

Tonight I was joined by my friend and colleague Stony Evans. We have been working collaboratively for nearly 7 years, starting when we were both ready to open the doors of our school libraries internationally for the benefit of our teachers and students. Tonight we are going to share our journey of international collaboration, highlighting the benefits as well as giving some ideas that you may want to try yourselves. 
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Tuesday May 23, 2023

This week we are discussing how school librarians can empower themselves and the profession by focusing on the organisations and schools they work in.  We also covered the importance of building support networks within and beyond school libraries. 
I was joined by my co-hosts and school librarians Sabrina Cox and Ruth Maloney and our guests were Sue Wills MBE Assistant director: Arts, Culture, Heritage at Surrey County Council, Sue Williamson MBE Vice President of CILIP and Luke Burton Director of Libraries at Arts Council England
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ASCEL - https://www.ascel.org.uk/ 
CILIP - https://www.cilip.org.uk/ 
SLA - https://www.sla.org.uk/ 
Libraries Connected - http://www.librariesconnected.org.uk/ 
Steam up your library -https://www.librariesconnected.org.uk/sites/default/files/STEAM%20Up%20Your%20Library%20Guide.pdf 
If you have any comments on this podcast we would love to hear your thoughts. 

Wednesday May 03, 2023

This week we are returning to the topic of online resources for school libraries. Back in November we chatted to school librarians about how school libraries could provide online resources on a budget. This time however we are looking more closely at 2 resources that bring something else to teaching and learning. The first is Bedrock learning, the second is Massolit, and for those with very little budget we are including some free ones for you to consider too. 
In this session I am joined by my co-hosts and school librarians Sabrina Cox and Ruth Maloney and our guests are also school librarians Gareth Evans and Clare Brumpton.
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Resources spoken about during podcast discussion and some extra ones from Gareth
Abbeyfield School Bedrock Learning Help Zone: https://sites.google.com/view/abbeyfieldlrc/bedrock-learning-help-zone
Bedrock Learning: bedrocklearning.org
Britannica Magazine: https://britannicamagazine.co.uk/ 
IDL Literacy and Numeracy : idlsgroup.com
Into Film +: www.intofilm.org 
Issues Online: https://www.issuesonline.co.uk/
Newspaper for Schools “News Library”: https://www.nlamediaaccess.com/newspapers-for-schools/ 
Open Access Research Databases: https://sites.google.com/view/abbeyfieldlrc/open-access-research-databases 
The National Theatre Collection via Drama online: https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/learn-explore/schools/national-theatre-collection/#uk-state-secondary-fe 
VLeBooks: VLeBooks (brownsbfs.co.uk)
QFiles: https://www.q-files.com/ 
We would also recommend that you use your local public library to gain access to free online resources

Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

This week we are talking about campaigning for school libraries and why it is important. The Great School Libraries Campaign was set up 4 years ago as a joint venture between the School Library Association, CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) and CILIP SLG (School Library Group). 
Tonight I am joined by my co-host and school librarian Sabrina Cox and our guests this evening are the joint Chairs of the campaign, Alison Tarrant, CEO of the School Library Association and Mary-Rose Grieves, a school librarian working at the Hartland International School of Dubai.  
We talk campaigning, misconceptions, Ofsted, AI and the future of school libraries. The future is bright...
Great School libraries campaign https://www.greatschoollibraries.org.uk/ 
Letter to the mp is on the 'how can I help' page 
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