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Engaging and empowering school libraries is a podcast that aims to raise the profile of school libraries by talking about topics that are current across education and teaching. We talk about issues that impact school libraries and invite guests to come along and speak on selected topics keeping our chats lively, engaging and current. We hope you enjoy listening. Find more CPD for school librarians and teachers here https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/

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Tuesday Feb 28, 2023

This podcast is about World Book Day, a day when many schools take the time to celebrate books and reading. Over the last few years, the interest in World book day has been dominated by the craze of ‘dressing up as your favourite book character’ and whilst this is fun it can cause much angst among parents and children who don’t have the time or money to join in. We have many school librarians who do love this practice so tonight's chat is not about saying we should not be dressing up but exploring other ways to celebrate world book day. 
Tonight I was joined by school librarians Ruth Maloney, Sabrina Cox, Emma Whiting and Cath Skipper who shared some wonderful ideas for WBD that we hope you will take and use as your own.
If you want to listen to the podcast about author visits mentioned in this podcast you can check it out here https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-g4dpp-13b58a9 
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Thursday Feb 09, 2023

This podcast is about ChatGPT and how the skills needed to navigate it well are part of the skillset that school librarians already have. 
I want to welcome back Domonic Sunderland Headteacher Capella House school who joined me a few weeks ago on my previous podcast about  ChatGPT and my other two guests who have got up rather early to talk to us from Australia, Andrew Herft who is a curriculum advisor and Leon Furze who is an Educational Consultant. 
Webinar - A beginners guide to ChatGPT for school librarians 
Leons resources:-
Blog - full of useful information and resources https://leonfurze.com/blog
PD February 16th will be live and recorded: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/practical-strategies-for-chatgpt-in-education-tickets-528941106087 
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Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Are graphic novels just comics and do they have a place in our school libraries? In this episode, Ruth, Sabrina and I unpack the power of graphic novels on students reading and are joined by experts Paul Register, school librarian and founder of Excelsior awards and Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves, Lecturer in Education, University of Manchester. 
Resources mentioned in the podcast:-
Richard Ruddick https://padlet.com/rruddick9zra/graphic-novels-73uh2srzpbia 
The Excelsior Awards https://www.excelsioraward.co.uk/ 
Some favourites graphic novels from Rebecca :-
The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman (2 vols)
Minecraft  Stories from the Overworld – different authors in the anthology
When Stars are Scattered- Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed
The Weirn books - Svetlana Chmakova
Beowulf – Stern, Steininger and Studabaker
Hilda (any of them)-Luke Pearson
Pilu of the Woods - Mai K. Nguyen
Tom’s midnight garden by Edith
The Animation Game Alan Turing Decoded – Jim Ottaviani and Leland Purvis
Darwin: An exceptional voyage - Fabien Grolleau and Jeremie Royer
Coven – Jennifer Dugan
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Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Today I talked to guests Sean McNamara, CEO of CILIP Scotland, Dr Dorothy Willaims, Emeritus professor from Robert Gordon University and school librarian Anne De’Ath about the essential role of school libraries and librarians within education looking at the impact of school library closures across Scotland. 
Great School Libraries Campaign website https://www.greatschoollibraries.org.uk/
Some of the research that Dorothy was talking about:- 
Lance  K.C. and Kachel D.E. (2018)  Why school librarians matter: What years of research tell us.  Phi Delta Kappan, 99 (7), pp 15-20.   Available at:  https://kappanonline.org/lance-kachel-school-librarians-matter-years-research/
Teravainen, A & Clark, C. 2017 School Libraries:   A literature review of current provision and evidence of impact. National Literacy Trust, 2017 https://literacytrust.org.uk/research-services/research-reports/school-libraries-literature-review-current-provision-and-evidence-impact-2017/          
Williams, D A, Wavell, C and Morrison, K  (2013) Impact of school libraries on learning.  Critical review of published evidence to inform the Scottish education community. https://scottishlibraries.org/about-us/our-publications/special-studies/impact-of-school-libraries/  Or  https://scottishlibraries.org/media/1211/impact-of-school-libraries-on-learning-2013.pdf  (Also available via the School Library Association website and RGU’s OpenAIR repository)
Research portals to USA studies
Overview of USA studies https://antiochlis.libguides.com/schlibcert/research
The Lance studies - https://www.lrs.org/data-tools/school-libraries/impact-studies/
The Todd studies - https://cissl.rutgers.edu/research/impact-studies/
School Library Association - Impact of school libraries.   Links to research reports, summaries and infographics from the School Library Association’s webpage: https://www.sla.org.uk/impact
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Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

Do head teachers have a responsibility to ensure that their school library and librarian are understood and valued in their schools? We talked to two esteemed leaders in education. Richard Gerver, an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, and School Library Association President, and Peter Middleton Headteacher of Oswestry school about the critical role senior leaders have in supporting their school library and librarian.
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Friday Jan 13, 2023

What is ChatGPT and AI? Where do you start with it? Is it a passing fad or here to stay?
Tonight, I am joined by Domonic Sunderland Headteacher of Capella House School to chat through some of the possibilities for teachers and school librarians. 
If you want to join my Webinar on Wednesday 18th January here is the link for more information https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/service-page/chatgpt-and-ai?referral=service_list_widget 
Today is a special edition as I am on my own with only one guest. If you join me normally, I have two co-hosts and usually 2 or 3 guests. But due to the fast-moving pace of ChatGPT and AI I didn’t want to wait to get everyone together so here we are.

Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

(Start at 4.54 to miss set up chat). Elizabeth, Sabrina and Ruth chat with school librarians Emily, Hayden and Susan about the importance of digital resources and the school library. Here is a link to some of the free resources we discussed during the chat.
https://wakelet.com/wake/dKdRDqTmVe5ZFth6a8BHx from school librarian Clare Brumpton
Search coach https://www.bigtechwire.com/2022/06/14/microsoft-announces-new-search-coach-feature-in-microsoft-teams/?amp=1
Carot2 https://search.carrot2.org/#/search/web
Unpaywall https://unpaywall.org/ 
If you want to know more about how I can support school libraries check out my website https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/ 
Host: Elizabeth Hutchinson - School Library Specialist (https://www.twitter.com/Elizabethutch)
Co-hosts Sabrina Cox 💙🎓📕 (https://www.twitter.com/WyrmbergSabrina) Ruth Maloney (https://www.twitter.com/RuthMaloney30)
Speakers Emily Stannard (https://www.twitter.com/copyrightgirl) Hayden Gigner @ The Forge Valley School LRC (https://www.twitter.com/ForgeLrc) Susan Merrick (https://www.twitter.com/merrilibrarian)

Tuesday Nov 08, 2022

(Start at 5.47 mins to miss set up chat) Elizabeth, Ruth and Sabrina chat with Krystal Vittal, Deputy CEO of Suffolk libraries, Briony Birdi, Senior lecturer and dissertation supervisor at Sheffield University, Corin Peacock, a student at Sheffield University studying librarianship and Rachel Huskisson, school librarian about the different routes to a professional qualification.
We discussed why it is important to have a qualification, its benefits and the confidence it gives you. Whilst also touching on the importance of learning about other areas of the library profession. 
Apprenticeship information https://www.cilip.org.uk/general/custom.asp?page=LISApprenticeships#:~:text=The%20Level%203%20standard%20covers,to%20resolve%20their%20specific%20query  
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Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

(Start at 4.55 mins to miss set up chat) Elizabeth, Ruth and Sabrina chat with school librarian, Clare Brumpton and teacher, Gaurav Dubay about reading. We discussed the importance of reading for recreation, how to support students reading for learning and give ideas for engaging reluctant readers in reading for life. Listen out for my snowman gaff... proves it is a live show! 
Here is the link to the article we mention - School libraries and reading development 
If you want to know more about how I can support school libraries check out my website https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/ 

Monday Sep 26, 2022

(Start at 4 mins to miss set up chat) Elizabeth, Ruth and Sabrina chat with Raff Grasso, a teacher librarian from Melbourn and Haley Higgins and Alison Mercer-Cifola from Bolinda. We talked about ebooks in school libraries. We covered having a school collection and how to promote them. Using the public library collections and the increased use of audiobooks. We cover diversity and how this medium supports health and wellbeing as well as catering for visually impaired readers. Will it make you want to download a book or two? 

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